Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ever have those days where everything seems to get in your way? The days where everything seems to pile onto your already busy schedule and the time you've set aside for your workout gets buried.  If you're like most people, this probably happens more often than you'd like and finding that balance becomes a real challenge.  In fact, lack of time is the number one reason for not working out.

I would argue that, thanks to technology, we are also busier than ever before.  Finding a full hour to exercise is difficult for many.  However, it is important to recognize that there is nothing inherently "magical" about working out for an hour. It's the quality of the workout and the consistency of your program that matters, not the realitive duration.

The great news is that shorter workouts sprinkled throughout the day are extremely effective and will keep you in touch with your fitness goals. Just because a workout is short doesn't mean it is any less important to your overall health.  Here is one great example of a quick yet effective workout:

  • Squats - 30 Seconds (Lower Body)
  • Jumping Jacks or Jumping Rope - 30 Seconds (Cardio)
  • Push Ups - 30 Seconds (Upper Body)
  • Planks - 30 Seconds (Core)

This micro-workout keeps it simple. You can do one set or as many as your schedule permits. It requires absolutely no equipment, very little space, keeps you on track with your fitness goals, and helps you find that balance on the busiest of days.


  1. If you are moving, you are improving and some activity is better than none.