Thursday, July 6, 2017

Whether it's your vacation or work, keeping up with your exercise goals while traveling can be a big challenge.  Keeping that balance while you are at home is hard enough as it is.  When you are on the road, your time and resources are often limited and working out is usually not at the top of your list. Your schedule is hectic, you're exhausted, and you want to relax. I get it.

I get it because I spent a large portion of my forty years in the corporate world on the road so, I know it can be done.  You CAN stay in shape while traveling. It's all about knowing the limitation of your resources, finding your balance, planning ahead, and being prepared.  You will actually have more energy while spending time with your family on vacation or those longer work hours as a road warrior.

If finding time to exercise is a challenge when you are at home, it will become even more difficult when you are on the road. So, whether it's work related or vacation, plan short sessions. Focus on the quality and each workout will have an impact.

Most hotel "gyms" are outdated and usually inadequate at best. Think about what you can accomplish in your hotel room or outside. Here are a few suggestions that should address most situations:
  1. You can do bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, planks, squats, and jumping jacks.
  2. Go to YouTube on your smart phone or tablet and try yoga or Pilates.  You can always find a session that meets your scheduling needs.
  3. Pack a resistance band and your room is now your personal gym. I actually used to pack a jump rope as well. It makes for great cardio either in your hotel room or outside. Don't worry, the ceilings are always high enough.
  4. You can go outside for a walk and use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. If you enjoy running, make room for tennis shoes when you pack.
  6. If most of your travel is work related and you frequent the same locations.  Look for local gyms close to your hotels. They usually have good travel programs or membership incentives for travelers.  At one time, I actually had three memberships that cost just $30.00 a month.  
Working out while traveling is about maintaining your fitness. So address those limited resources as an opportunity to be creative, find your balance, keep it simple, and make it fun.

Until next time, enjoy your workouts (wherever you may be).


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